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  Hi folks The page is under construction and it might take me a
while to get everything up and working.  I am first a farmer and
getting everything planted, and growing takes priority right now.   
So please be patient with the progress of the website.   I hope to
have the general static market information up soon, vendor pages
up, and recipes and market products info up as soon as I can.  It is
mid April though and this is the time of year when we are going all
out getting the planting done, the meats processed in the freezer
and every day is pretty much a 14-16 hour work day getting
everything ready for the main market season.   In the meantime
updates and market news will be posted on the Cannon Park
Market FB page.   I would much rather see folks impressed with a
bountiful and diverse Farmers' Market than dazzled with a fancy
website right now :)

                        Mike Hammack